Reading Athletic’s EDGE has for the last two years been the areas go to destination for one-on-one private and sports specific training. EDGE Classes: EDGE Fit, TRX, TRX/ Kettle bell, and Boot Camp have filled the areas back to basics fitness needs. EDGE’s Nationally Certified trainers will find a fitness plan to push the individual, team, and class. EDGE trainers have the knowledge to adapt a program for those that may be looking to return to the fitness world and for those that maybe recovering from an injury.


The Reading Athletic Club introduces EDGE a new concept in a fitness center. EDGE has classes, one-on-one private training as well as small group training. EDGE also has exciting athletic training programs to fill any sports teams needs. EDGE's nationally certified trainers will always find a fitness plan to push the individual or team to a level of excelence that you will be proud of.
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Edge Classes

Edge Fit

Think you are fit....Think you can handle a tough sweat inducing workout that challenges not only your muscles but your drive and determination let EDGE Fit put you to the test. Designed to train you for agility, mobility and power. Classes include five elements to create a well rounded routine: Aerobic and muscular fitness, stretching, core and balance training. Whether you are a novice or exercise fanatic EDGE Fit training will help balance all elements of good health!!


"All core all the time" A new dimension in fitness one that will have you reaching goals that you never though you could. Develop strength, balance, and flexibility while working your upper and lower body utilizing all muscle groups!! Suspension training essentially turns every movement into a "total body" experience. TRX is a safe results driven workout for all fitness levels. TRX is also an effective tool for weight loss due to the increased muscular demand. Come hang with our trainers today!!

EDGE Boot Camp

A total body workout incorporating cardiovascular and muscle conditioning drills. Boot camp is training that is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals. An advantage of a boot camp is that the group dynamic will often help motivate the individual. Participants often ask about 1 or 2 things: Is the program going to be challenging enough for me OR is this program TOO challenging for me? To be sure, this program is designed for ALL fitness levels. EDGE Boot Camp trainers will challenge you to work to your potential meaning you’ll get the best workout possible regardless of your starting fitness level.